AForGeN 2017

Val Canali, Trentino Italy

15-17 June, 2017

This year’s AForGeN meeting was organized in the Italian Dolomites, in Val Canali, Trentino, hosted by the staff of Parco Naturale Paneveggio and the Edmund Mach Foundation as contributing organization.

The program included scientific presentations of the AForGeN members linked to their latest scientific achievements and results, a full day walk into the Pale Dolomiti and finally, a half-day discussion on the status of the AForGeN-supported Silver Fir Genome Project.

Altogether 15 scientific reports were presented in the sessions on the topics of transcriptome sequencing, exome capture, epigenetics and genomics of local adaptation in alpine forest trees. The last session included presentations on recent results and ongoing projects in Abies alba genomics, adaptation, evolutionary history, genetic variation, and breeding.

The closing session on the 16th of June was dedicated to strategic discussions on the Silver Fir Genome project. The participants agreed on the most important commitments for moving this project ahead. Primarily sequence assembly and genome annotation are planned for the next year.

Among the 30 participants, for the first time this year, researchers from Denmark, Slovenia, and Montenegro attended the meeting.

At the end, the group accepted the invitation of the Slovenian colleagues to host the AForGeN2018 workshop in the Slovenian Alps.

This workshop was organized as part of IUFRO 2.04.11.WP, Alpine Forest Genomics.